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It happens cyclically to receive an email in English from your .COM .NET .ORG .BIZ .INFO... domain registrar, where the words in the 'subject' are normally "ICANN WDRP for the domain dominioregistratodaldestinatario.com" or the acronym WDRP is somehow inserted in the test of the email.   What does this EMAIL contain? The acronym WDRP stands for "Whois ... Read more

SPAM has always been a scourge of the Internet, and while adopting the most complex solutions, it is not possible to stem the problem in its entirety, which is why you might have received, or maybe one day you will receive, emails similar to those we describe below, defined more properly ... Read more

The Egyptian authority has released the new registration rules for second level .EG Egyptian domains. Any person, based in or outside Egypt, holder of a registered trademark with the express destination in Egypt through the local Trademark Office or via WIPO may request a .EG domain name Plueriennial registration (from 1 to 4 ... Read more


.PW is the extension of Palau, an insular state in the Pacific Ocean, which gained independence from the USA in 1994. The extension is being relaunched and marketed under the slogan "Professional Web". .PW is dedicated to both individuals and companies and being a "new" extension there are many domain names available, ... Read more

From November 21st .EU domains can be transferred between managers (transfer) and/or header changes (trade) with the use of an authorization code (auth-code) similar to many other extensions. To obtain the auth-code, which is valid for 40 days, there are multiple ways that Eurid (the managing body) makes it available to a .EU ... Read more

From the 29th of this month it will be possible for everyone to register .CHINA domains in Latin characters and in Chinese characters. The innovation launched directly from the Chinese registry immediately took hold and there were many registrations during Sunrise of these domains. Dominiando, always in the front line with the launches ... Read more

Nominet Ltd, registry of .co.uk domains, has started the consultations to decide on when to launch the new .UK domains, which would be added to the .CO.UK domains that are currently used by anyone who wants to register a .English domain. The .CO.UK domains are, by numerical diffusion, the second TLD among all the extensions ... Read more


The authority of El Salvador "belatedly" communicated the opening of the space at the second level of the .SV TLD. In fact, up to now it was possible to register only the third level domains (.com.sv, .edu.sv, .org.sv, gob.sv) The Sunrise period is therefore underway from 1 October 2012 to 30 November 2012 ... Read more

With the intention of improving the services offered, and having a continuous focus on the needs of our users, we are redefining part of commercial offers to improve the competitiveness of hosting services and to offer more services to our current customers. In the coming days we will then expand every web service and email ... Read more

Whoever already has a .cn, .com.cn or .net.cn domain registered with Dominiando can request the registration of the homonymous .CHINA domain, exploiting the pre-emption that derives from the Sunrise 2 of .CHINA domains, called Grandfathering, to have priority in registering a new .CHINA domain, if you already own the corresponding .CN TLD. It is possible to exploit this opportunity only and ... Read more

Thanks to new regulations by the Chinese Registry of .CN domains, and effective international agreements undertaken by our company, we are now able to provide the registration of domains from China with greater simplicity and speed, eliminating bureaucracy and document management. This translates into registration times of around 24 hours, no documents to send if ... Read more


We communicate an update of the registration rules for .ID domains. Until now even non-Indonesian companies holding a registered trademark could access the registration of a .ID domain by presenting: copy of the trademark registration certificate copy of the Business Certificate (Visura Camero) (usually authority requires documents in English, but in some cases it also ... Read more

If you intend to register or transfer European domains, this is the right time! In fact, until December 31, 2012 sensational offers will be active for over 40 European domain extensions with discounts up to 80% on the list price. The need to protect your name outside the country is increasingly felt by ... Read more

The. ?? (.xn-fiqs8s) extension is the Chinese character version (IDN) of the .CN extension and means ".china" We must remember that it is already possible to register domains in Chinese characters both under the .CN extension and the . ?? (.china) extension. The Chinese authority is now dealing with the launch of domains ... Read more

In the first half of this year ICANN created the possibility of requesting the registration of new top level domains in addition to the traditional .com, .net, .it, .eu, etc.. The requests were 1930 for a total of 1409 new top level domains, the initiative's great success resulted in bringing 357 million dollars to ICANN's coffers. It ... Read more

The Japanese authority has foreseen the opening of third level .JP domains of the 47 prefectures of Japan. The phases are as follows: Sunrise: from July 16th to August 19th 2012: reserved for registered trademark owners. The domain must coincide exactly with the brand. Multiple domains can be requested for different prefectures with ... Read more

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