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It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the implementation of a new email system that will allow us to offer increasingly reliable, fast operation with new and rich features. The new e-mail system has completely restructured the following sections: - Amministrazione delle email - Webmail and the following new features: - Antispam Filters - Antivirus Protection - ... Read more

The Eurid body, which has qualified as a manager for the future European .eu domains, has announced a scenario on the implementation times. Between September and November 2004 the "sunrise perdiod" is expected to start, i.e. the phase in which registrations will be allowed only to those holding privileged rights of a ... Read more


The services to protect your online identity officially start today. Dominiando registers domains in 250 countries all over the world. Find out why it is better to register your name today! Read more


Domain extensions continue to be added worldwide. As of today, Norwegian .no domains are also available. For more information, click here. Read more

Domain extensions continue to be added worldwide. As of today, Finnish domains (.FI), Israeli domains (.IL : .co.il e .org.il) and Japanese domains (.jp e .co.jp). Here is the link to the various pages: .FI .IL .JP Read more

Domain extensions are continuing to be added worldwide. From now on, Danish domains (DK), Spanish domains (ES), French domains (FR), Polish domains (PL) and Romanian domains (RO) Here is the link to the various pages: .DK .ES .FR .PL .RO Read more

Domain extensions continue to be added worldwide. From today, Swiss domains (CH), Lichtenstein domains (LI), United Kingdom domains (CO.UK) and Swedish domains (SE) are available for registration. Here is the link to the various pages:   .CH .LI .CO.UK .SE   To know registration prices click here. Read more

Just a few days after the addition of the Russian domains and the TM domains are now available extensions for Lussemburg, la Lithuania (Latvia), Latvia (Lithuania) and the isole Heard and McDonald islands. Given the rarity of some extensions at the moment, not all can be ordered directly online. In any case, Dominiando, in order to offer increasingly ... Read more


TM stands for Trade Mark. It is therefore a symbol of distinction for any registered trademark in the world. Also for this reason, given the commercial strength of the domain, as it happens for .TV, .CD, .FM, the cost is much higher. It is true, however, that in order to guarantee the stability ... Read more

From 17/3/2003 the registry of the .CN domains will open the registrations directly under the .CN extension. In fact, up to now only the third level domains of the "com.cn, net.cn and org.cn" could be registered. For more information about .CN domains, click here. Read more

Click for more information on the status of .com, .net domains The .com and .net domains have an expired deadline which are not immediately deleted, but remain in a state of non-usability for the holder. This means that the domain has not yet returned available for a new registration, so it gives the ... Read more

Finally the long awaited extension dedicated to DJs is ready for registration. Dominiando completes the triplet dedicated to the world of music: .DJ, .CD, .FMAlso in this extension are the PREMIUM domains, so we refer you to the domain page to know its characteristics.The .DJ domains have a particular price structure. ... Read more

CAUTION Dear Customer, we ask you to pay attention to any FAX about the renewal/transfer of your .COM/.NET /.ORG, etc. domain. We remind you that Dominiando writes directly to our customers regarding the deadlines of the domains and does not use any other structure. Here is an example of a request! We strongly recommend that ... Read more

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